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Gál Ferenc College

Faculty of Education

Szabadság str. 4. 5540 Szarvas, Hungary

Tel: +36-66-886-000

Fax: +36-66-311-550

E-mail: titkarsag @ pk.gff-szarvas.hu



The Gál Ferenc College, Faculty of Education, with its nearly two hundred years long intellectual past is one of the most representative institutions of the Great Hungarian Plain.

It is based on the pedagogical heritage of Sámuel Tessedik and Péter Vajda and the value of its college level training as well as its primary and post-secondary teacher training started in 1959.

The present structure of the faculty is the result of the integration in higher education on 28 July 2001. Since 2006/2007 academic year the faculty – similar to other institutions in higher education – admits students to the unified basic training of two cyclical periods (BA/BSc).

The aim of the faculty is the training of such kindergarten and primary school teachers who are able for conscious development of kindergarten and primary school children having general and professional knowledge, pedagogical ability, self-knowledge, love of children and highly emotional attitude, and can transmit the general and national values and ethical norms in co-operation with the families and the social environment.

At present we have the following basic courses:nursery teacher

kindergarten teacher
nationality (Slovak, Romanian, German, Romani) kindergarten teacher
primary school teacher
nationality (Slovak, Romanian, German, Romani) primary school teacher

The experience gained on these courses is also shared with those students who want to take part in our higher professional training. We offer a great choice of post-graduate professional trainings and courses for those teachers who have already had a diploma – not only in Szarvas but in other towns of the region as well.



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