International Women's Day at the Faculty of Education

Friday, 13 March 2020 10:47


  Another year has passed and one of the most beautiful feasts of the spring has returned again: the International Women's Day. Keeping alive the tradition, the male members of the Gál Ferenc College Faculty of Education’s staff  invited their female colleagues  for a short celebration.


After the words of greetings, dean Imre Lipcsei asked the leader of the student house Zoltán Feifrik to share his solemn ideas with the participants. The everlasting words cited from Sándor Márai were followed by the distribution of flowers, clinking of glasses and conversation, beside cakes, with each other.

Though we were fewer in number due to illnesses and official obligations, flowers keep waiting for our absent female colleagues, showing that we are thinking of and remembering them. Flowers and nice words are, of course, only metaphors of empathy which is to be shown for women, not only on Women’s Day.






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